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Coaching and speaking is my honour and privilege, much more than a profession or career. I find joy in helping others discover who they truly are and what they want out of life.


I've been fortunate enough to work with corporations, charitable organisations, entrepreneurs and C-suite executives, as well as individuals in various stages of life.


There is no greater feeling I get than seeing the transformation that happens when an individual or organisation has their lifestyle and vision aligned.


Areas I can help you in:

  • Health & Wellness

  • Career & Wealth

  • Personal and Professional Relationships

  • Personal and Professional Happiness

  • Learning & Personal Growth


One of my biggest principles is to deliver value, which is why my approach is tailored to each client; from the way they process information, to their unique desires, fears and the way they are motivated to take action.


So, are you ready to go for the life you want?

Odudu 'Emmillio' Inyang

If you aren't prepared to commit your lifestyle to what you want, you either don't want it enough, or you don't want it at all


Born and raised in North London, England, I was considered somewhat gifted, with a photographic memory (according to my teachers). I was also labelled as my own worst enemy.


My time in mainstream education saw me coast and underachieve, with the odd flash of brilliance when I truly felt I had something to prove. At 13, I discovered a love for music. During this love story, I expressed myself through rap and spoken word, becoming a music producer at 15, audio engineering at 17 and mentoring young people by the age of 18




The first time I experienced the truest version of myself was when I wrote and directed a film called “Make ‘Em Feel”, which screened at the East End Film Festival. It was the first time I truly finished something I had started.

Potential doors began to open in film, but with a burning sense of unfinished business within music, I followed my heart.


During this  part of my life, ​I worked in and/or established business ventures across a multitude of industries, from Events Management, Charity Fundraising & Influencer Marketing, to Mentorship & Youth Work.  Throughout this period I was repeatedly told by others that I should be a life coach and motivational speaker (something I simply laughed off).

Whilst pursuing what I thought to be success, I wasn’t completely fulfilled. I then began to ask myself “Why Aren’t You Successful Yet?” This sparked my journey of really going deep to discover my own answers to this question.



On my 2-year journey of self-discovery it soon became apparent that my then lifestyle was in direct conflict with the one I claimed I wanted. More importantly, I wasn’t prepared to change it because I simply didn’t want it.  What I loved about music wasn't the music itself, it was really the opportunity to help people become the best version of themselves.


Resolving to solve my own problem and become the best version of myself, I created my framework VGVR (Vision, Goals, Values & Rituals) to cultivate a life that I truly love. This same framework I have used to help others do the same, culminating in the release of my book Why Aren’t You Successful?...Yet: From Someone Who Asked Himself The Same Question.


I had experienced that one’s vision of a great life can reveal itself in layers and I had enjoy helping people uncover their own.


My experiences and connections with people from all sides of the track have made me the coach, speaker and, most importantly, person that I am today. And whilst there are more chapters in my story to be written, the same is true for us all.

In our lives we will see our true selves, the only question is whether we will see it in flashes or in its entirety

“I had to spend more than a decade pursuing what I thought I wanted”

“The best road to walk down is your own, you may however have to walk down many to discover what yours is”

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