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What is success to you?   What is stopping you from living the life you've always wanted?


In a world where people are in a rush to be successful, there exists a significant majority who feel unfulfilled in life.


Why Aren’t You Successful?...Yet follows Life Coach & Motivational Speaker, Odudu 'Emmillio' Inyang on his 2 year journey of answering that question for himself, discovering and working through 5 universal obstacles to success & happiness.


Leading to his own personal & professional transformation, he shares the valuable lessons he learned & blueprint on how to: 

  • Discover & accept your true definition of Success (and reject the definitions of others)
  • Improve your Self Esteem, Self Confidence & Confidence (whilst understanding the difference between all three)
  • Identify and deal with the personal fears that are holding you back
  • Let go of the past and utilise the 'Power of People'
  • Use routines to align your lifestyle to your definition of Success


If you are frustrated by your current life, Why Aren't You Successful?...Yet will give you renewed optimism and help you realise that true success and happiness isn't as improssible as my often seem


This bundle also includes the workbook of the 51 exercises that Emmillio himself completed to facilitate is personal and professional growth.

Why Aren't You Successful...Yet (Bundle)

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